Getting Started


All I meant to do was make myself able to comment on Matt and Lindsay’s blog, and I ended up having to make my own. The way I see it though is that this is like a year-long Christmas letter and should save some hassle come next December, right?!?

So here’s where the expanding K family stands (I’ll be glad when “expanding” no longer refers to me). . . there are 47 days left until the baby’s expected arrival (April 12th). B and I couldn’t be more excited.

Next week B starts his final quarter at the seminary! There is a light at the end of the tunnel that get’s brighter every day. Less than 2 weeks after the baby’s due date is call day when we will find out where we are being sent. What an exciting April!

I continue to survive teaching. Things have gotten a bit better. It’s hard when you continually have students dropping and enrolling in class. I’ve lost at least 4 students since Christmas break and gained at least 6 new ones. (It gets hard to keep up with after a while.) My newest student is truly a gift from God and keeps me encouraged to keep going.


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