Well, I was told by the elderly folk (my parents) that the yellow was too hard to read. Although I personally enjoyed the yellow, I guess I can sacrifice for the sake of the older ones out there.

This week was much slower than the last few. I guess that’s what I get for commenting about time flying. It’s still amazing to be one week closer to the baby being here. At the doctor on Tuesday we got to be hooked up to the monitor for a while. He hadn’t been quite as active lately, and the doctor just wanted to check on him. Of course he performed beautifully for the doctor and moved around a ton. It was so neat to listen to and watch the printout of his heartbeat for 20 minutes. It’s amazing that 140 bpm is completely normal!

Less than a full week with the kids before Spring Break! Praise God! (truly)

It’s going to be a full weekend between grading and report cards. Have a great one!


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  1. I cannot tell you how ready I am for break (although I know you understand). I like the green. 🙂 I’m so excited for you guys and the baby! By the way… have you picked a name?

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