No one can accuse me of not having tried. I have been trying to get a new post with pictures up, but it kept not letting the pictures download.

This first set of pictures is of the surprise baby shower I was thrown on March 12th. My current school, and my former school, co-conspired to throw a joint shower for me. B knew about it for weeks and didn’t even hint at the possibility. I thought he and I were just going out for lunch with one of my former co-workers. Guess I’m a bit naive. It was a lot of fun, and the baby was given a lot of adorable stuff which we are very thankful for.

Some Hope teachers.
Me opening some gifts.

Okay, so that’ll be all the shower pictures for now since it’s being a pain about downloading them again. I was going to do some other pictures too, but I’m a bit frustrated with the whole process right now.

Other than the shower, here’s what’s been going on. I survived the final week before Spring Break and also got through parent/teacher conferences. I went to the doctor, and she said things are progressing well. We had company from Decatur, where B vicared (interned), over the weekend which was a lot of fun. Yesterday I was in full spring break mode and did nothing except watch tv and sleep. Today has been a bit more adventurous including a trip to the mall and in a bit it’s back to the doctor.

I’ll attempt to put up some other pictures later. Hopefully it’ll decide to be more cooperative. We’ll see. . .



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