Let me introduce you to Hobbes. We met him one night while wandering around Babies’R’Us and instantly loved him. He gladly said good-bye to his friends on the shelf and came home with us. He was given his name hoping that the baby will find as much love and fun in him as Calvin found in his Hobbes. Since Hobbes is getting just as antsy about the baby almost being here, he wanted to try out all of the baby’s stuff (just 2.5 weeks and you’ll know his name!). He hopes you enjoy his pictures as he knows he will soon lose the camera spotlight to his soon-arriving best friend.

Ready for a car ride
A nap in the pack’n’play
Enjoying a nice massage in the vibrating seat
Diaper time – oh wait, no diaper to change
With all of his friends who joined him after the baby shower

Hobbes is now anxiously awaiting the trip to the hospital as he sits inside the baby’s bag ready to go. Brad and I are also ready to go; we got our bags packed yesterday night. Now we just have to wait for baby to say it’s time! Have a great weekend.


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