It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly a month since I last posted, but there seems to be fewer hours in the day now that N is here. The night definitely isn’t long enough. We seem to get about 4 hours regularly, but anything beyond that is a bonus. Try surviving 5 weeks of about 4 hours of sleep a night – it makes for one cranky couple. N is doing really well and is growing all the time. He’s become a noisy little guy with all his sound effects, but it’s quite entertaining.

We spent the past weekend in O getting acquainted with K of K and the city. We had a great time meeting everyone at the church and seeing how things happen around there. B has a wonderful Student Edge staff to work with and some great kids in the youth group.

We also were able to find and buy a house. We were thrilled that it was easy to find and didn’t take our entire weekend. We even were able to pick out the carpet, countertop, vinyl flooring, and ceramic tile colors. In the picture the house has not been painted yet, only primer. We close June 13th and should move in a week later! We are so excited to be settling down finally.

Graduation for B is Friday, and he is more than thrilled to be done. We’re looking forward to having family from both sides in town for that. If only someone wanted to let N spend one night at their hotel room . . . πŸ™‚


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  1. Nice house guys! Congrats! It is so exciting to finally find your house. Just wait until you have to sign all the papers! You will never want to sign your name or initials again, but it is worth it. Congrats again!

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