The Quest


This has been an exhausting week. The quest has begun. Now that N has settle into the outside world (and seems quite content), it is time for me to reclaim my body. There doesn’t seem to be a need for it being big enough for 2 anymore, which means the exercise has begun. The 4 of us (B, N, Maggie the dog, and I) have been embarking on 2 quite intense walks each day this week. They don’t call our neighborhood “The Hill” without good reason. Eventually the morning walk will turn into me running by myself, but we are working up to that and enjoying family time as that happens. B and I (N and Maggie didn’t have much interest) are also doing multiple sets of crunches and eventually will add in push ups. It’s quite tiring, but I am more than ready for my pre-pregnancy body (or as close as I can come to it) to return. We’re even trying to work in at least one round of golf each day (on the playstation, of course).


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  1. Funny picture! The golf made me laugh!
    It takes a really long time to get the old body back. I have to say, I’ve lost all but 5 lbs., but my middle section is still not flat (I suppose it wasn’t flat before Isaac). Anyway, it takes time; give yourself at least nine months to a year! Nate looks like a healthy boy! He and Isaac will have fun together someday!

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