Baptized, Ordained, and Birthdayed


It’s been a busy week for the Ks. We traveled to Kansas City for a big weekend with family and are now enjoying our last days here in St. Louis. It’s been fun for me to watch N, B, and Maggie all celebrate a big day!

Happy Baptism N B!
Sunday, May 28th, N was baptized by his Dad at L of L in Leawood, Kansas. G and E (my sister and brother-in-law) are his godparents. It was extra special to get to watch B baptize his own son.Happy Ordination B D!

Later in the same service, B was ordained by Pastor K and Pastor T. It’s exciting to know that B is officially a pastor after all of his hard work.


Happy Birthday Maggie Reese!

Maggie celebrated her 2nd (or 14th in dog years) birthday yesterday, May 31st! It’s hard to believe that she’s already 2! She is officially no longer a puppy. We sang “Happy Birthday” to her as she ate her dinner with a stick of Puperoni standing up in it as a candle.



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