I have to start by telling everyone, especially those use to the heat of Arkansas, about the weather yesterday evening. When we went out on the front porch to watch fireworks, I had to go back inside for a minute. It wasn’t because Nate had woken up from all the noise, or Maggie getting spooked by the fireworks. I had to go inside and put on pants and a sweatshirt because it was too cool outside! How is that for a crazy 4th of July? In fact, we’ve had the AC off since yesterday afternoon, and it’s July! We’ve had some hot days (they do exist here), but it’s nuts to be able to open up the house for a couple days in July.

N, Mags, and I had an uneventful day. Aside from going out to water the lawn and couple of naps taken by N, we just hung out and had a fun time playing together. B worked.

Say a prayer for Corrie and her family as they go in at midnight tonight to induce labor. Hopefully we’ll have news of a happy, healthy baby girl by this time tomorrow.


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