I win the prize (although I hear I share ailments with Mom) this week for dumb move of the week. I was gettting ready this morning and had walked out of the bathroom for a minute. When walking back through the unbelievably narrow doorway to the bathroom, I ran three of my toes into the door. I must have broken one of my toes because it is quite swollen and bruised. The sharp, shooting pain also is a clue that something is not quite right. I guess this doesn’t help me in my quest to get back out there and into running shape.

The plan was to work in the front yard garden today and maybe even throw a couple of plants in the ground. Unfortunately for gardening, it has decided to do 15 minute downpours on and off today. It’s great for the new sod, but I really was hoping to garden. Maybe I can still get out there for a little bit today. They also marked the water and gas lines in the front yard which I think might mean they are going to plant our tree (yes, only one) soon. Yea! (There are no trees in the yard that was part of a corn field a couple years ago.)


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