The House is Becoming a Home


The furniture is here! I should have done some photo editing to brighten up the pictures before uploading them, oops. It certainly seems like the room has shrunk since they delivered it all. For now the side of the couch is pushed up against a wall, and I’m not really thrilled about it. I have rearranged things about 8 times today, and I will probably still play with it some more. The trick is finding a place for the chair and ottoman to be together and not mess up the coffee table being in front of the couch. The back pillows on the couch can be the decorative side or the same plain fabric of the rest of the couch. I still haven’t decided which side I’m going to use. Right now I have the center two on the accent decorative side and the outer two on the plain side. The back of the chair does the same thing. I’ve also been hard at work to put pictures up on the walls. It makes it seem more like a home once the pictures are up. Let me know what you think about the back pillows for the couch, should I go accent side or plain side?


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  1. It looks good sis. Albeit strangely similar looking. Must mean we have the same good taste. I would say flip the pillows as you feel like it. The ottoman is a challenge in arranging I have found. Love ya. Ginny

  2. they actually had one that was almost a clone of yours with the diamond pattern and all – we nixed it as a choice right away so we wouldn’t have twinkie couches

  3. Angle it, thats how we got our ottoman to fit. Just an idea, but I have a feeling that you tried it since you rearranged it 8 times 🙂 sounds like me. Looks good though. I like them. I agree with Ginny, change the pillows as you feel. You will always feel like you have a newly decorated room!

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