Solid zzzzz’s


I’m taking bids for who would like to spend some quality time with N. No reasonable offer will be refused!!!! Okay, seriously, N has had 2 nights in a row of bad sleep. I don’t know what is causing him to wake up so much at night. He had been sleeping through the night for a month or so now. Two nights ago we had to give him a bottle to settle him down. Then last night I had to hold him until he was sound asleep again. That lasted a little while and then he woke up again. The only way we could calm him was to let him be in bed with us. I’m afraid to see what tonight is going to hold. I am exhausted beyond belief due to the lack of a solid night of sleep, and I know Brad isn’t enjoying the latest develoments yet.


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  1. Well, if you think about it, we all do have bad nights of sleep, but in all seriousness, I feel for you. Oh, the things we have to look forward too! Hope tonight goes better for you guys.

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