Drool Monster


N’s official new title is going to be “Drool Monster.” He is soaking everything in sight. I’ve checked his gums for any sign of teeth wanting to appear, but there’s nothing there. I can’t seem to keep anything dry. He was good to B and I this morning because he slept from 9:30 last night until 7:30 this morning without waking up once. It was a much need change from what was becoming the norm.

B and I both had seperate lunch arrangements for today. I had lunch with one of the other pastor’s wife. B, even though it’s his day off, had 2 meeting he had to go in for. He’s on his way home now and we are going to take advantage of the much cooler weather (only 79 right now). I’ve been anxiously awaiting help from B to get the rest of the landscaping done in the front yard. I knew today was going to be nice and the perfect day for yard work. So, I starting buying flowers earlier this week so that we woud HAVE TO get it done this weekend! 🙂 I’ll put pictures up when we get done. I’d better go get changed into some yard work clothes.

Have a great Friday!!!!


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