Feathers and Squirts


I should be heading back to the bedrooms to get started cleaning, but there are way more entertaining things to be doing – like blogging. So, as I sit here blogging, I have a good old rerun of Trading Spaces on. It just so happens to be the one where Hilde decides it would be beautiful to cover bedroom walls with feathers. Seriously, what design school did she attend; I’m guessing she was kicked out. I’ve been on a Trading Space kick for the past couple of days after not having watched in several months. Maybe it’ll help with ideas for around our house, although feathers will not find their way out of a pillow or down comforter around here.

N’s name for the day is “Squirt”. He is usually really good when I change his diaper and has shot at me less than one hand worth of times. For some reason he decided to make up for lost time today. He shot at me this morning when I was changing him and getting him dressed for the day; that onesie didn’t last long. He then decided it was so much fun to watch me jump and the shocked look on my face, he tried it again. He got the same shocked look and all from this morning just like he wanted. He loved it so much that he began to laugh at me when I jumped back. I’m not as brave as the nurse at the pediatrician’s office who just covers it with her hand until he’s done. Looking forward to having a little boy still Matt and Lindsay? I think I’ll put B on diaper duty for the night! 🙂

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  1. Aaaaggghhh! No feathers. Stop watching Hilde. She really freaks me out. She’s all bad. All bad!

    Yeah Hon, seeing how diaper duty is going today… I think I’m going to need to work late today. I should be home in time to pray with Nate when he’s in bed. Love you.


  2. Homeowner’s response: “It’s not straw, it’s feathers!” and when asked it they would keep it “I don’t know what to do with them”

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