N’s 2 cents worth


N has ben quite active in the past few days. He is constantly on the move. Lucky for me, this seems to be wearing him out more than normal, and I have more time to get things done while he sleeps. I’m posting several pictures which have been taken over the past week to show what N’s been up to. I’ll let him explain each picture.

Mom didn’t start me out half-way off my blanket, but I quickly pivoted around to where I wanted to be. She’s going to have to put something along this bannister soon! By the way, any suggestions for what to do with the rest of my fingers when I am sucking my thumb? They keep blocking my view!

I didn’t like where Mom laid me on my blanket. She had me lying so that my head was where my left foot now is. By the time I got all the way around to where I wanted to be, I was exhausted! Naptime!

In this picture I am showing off by rolling from my tummy to my back. This was the second or third time in a row I had done this. I don’t know why Mom didn’t have the camera ready the first time.

I’m getting pretty good at this tummy time. I don’t get as mad about it, and I can raise my head fairly high. All the books and magazines Mom reads says I should be pushing up with my arms soon, but I’ll keep her waiting for now.

Mom and Dad both thought it would be nice if I could join them for mealtime. They set up my highchair yesterday, and I loved getting to play while they ate lunch. You can see a lot more of what’s going on from up here. I’m loving it!!!

Mom wanted to put this picture up because it reminds her of herself when she was little. She used to suck her thumb while holding the satin edge of a blanket – just like I’m doing here.

That’s all I know for now everybody. It’s time for me to let Mom and Dad know I’m ready to eat again. Then I’d better think about trying to get in one more quick nap before bedtime. Don’t forget NFL preseason starts tonight – I’m so excited for Dad to teach me all about football! Bye everyone!


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  1. Nate is such a doll! He looks just like both you guys! I love the cheeks in the lunch with the family picture. He will bring you so much joy every step of the way. He is soooo adorable!

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