In the world of parenthood, those numbers have a lot of meaning. B and I both took N to the doctor this morning for his 4 month check-up. He was 16 lbs 15 oz which is the 85th percentile, his height is 26.25 inches and the 90th percentile, and his head circumference was 41.5 centimeters which is the 30th percentile. The little guy may have some adorable chubby cheeks, but his head is not quite as big as you’d think. The doctor said he looks great and is perfectly healthy. We got the okay to start him on eating solids. We are doing rice cereal for the next 3 to 4 weeks, and adding the good stuff (veggies, meats, and fruits) after that. N wasn’t quite as excited about the cereal as I was. Most of what I attempted to put in his mouth was pushed right back out by his tongue. I went according to his cues and stopped the cereal after he would start to cry. I think he still prefers the simplicity and familiarity of feeding out of a bottle. He also did really well with shot #1, shot #2, and shot #3; if only there hadn’t been a shot #4. Wow! That little guy can scream! (Can you tell from the picture that he’s had a bit of tylenol today?)



Maggie also went for her check up today and passed with flying colors. The vet had nothing but good things to say about her. He could tell that she was in great shape. The vet also told B about some places where he could take her to swim. Of course they had to go out to the lake and check it out tonight.

B and I were just thrilled to find doctors for both our children (human and canine) that we felt good with. Both doctors got our stamp of approval.


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