Attempt #1: F-A-I-L-U-R-E


We all have good intentions when we set goals, right? We think, “I’m going to start ___________ because it’ll be good for me.” Way back in May, I had one of those moments. I had to doc’s okay for physical activity, and I was ready to get rid of the baby weight. I was going on a walk a day and feeling good about it as I knew I’d be running soon once again. Then came June and the excuses set in. We spent the beginning of June traveling here, there, and everywhere; which of course meant there was no time to go on walks. Then the big move came, and we had too much to do around the house to be wasting time on walks. The major heat (I swear the heat index had to be in the 140s) set in. (The heat is a great excuse – right?) I then had a real excuse when I broke my toe and had to wear a goofy shoe for 4 weeks. Unfortunately I seem to be running out of excuses, and that baby weight isn’t going anywhere on it own. Late last week, I decided to give myself another go at this goal thing. Here it is, let’s make it official: “I’m going to start walking (later running) because it’ll be good for me.” Wish me better luck than last time!


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