Touchdown Rockets! (yeah right)


I had a flashback to my high school days on Friday, and then realized how old I am getting. A and D asked if we would like to go see a couple of the good high school teams football game on Friday. It reminded me of the good old times going to War Memorial to “watch” the Catholic High Rockets (who at the time were horrible!) get beat by yet another team. It was a good time, but I left feeling old. It’s hard to believe next year will be my 10 year reunion!

We also had B’s fam over for dinner on Saturday night. D and K hadn’t seen N in several weeks and were anxious to. N put on quite a show of rolling, happily screaming, and laughing.

Today N headed to his babysitter’s at 8 am so that B and I could participate in “Step Out and Serve O” once church was over. We spent our afternoon priming and painting what will one day be a missionary school. Thank goodness it’s cooler today since there’s no AC.


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