Are we there yet?


I don’t really have anthing important to say tonight. I’m just bored. I suppose I’ll just start rambling in hopes of rambling long enough to get me closer to bedtime. I would love to go to bed now since N hasn’t slept through the night for 2 nights now, but 9:15 seems a bit early for bedtime. I must be old and boring if I’m just waiting around for bedtime. Ever since Big Brother All-Stars ended at 8, I’ve been wandering around not quite sure what to do with myself. I was disappointed that Chill Town has yet again manipulated everyone to be blind to them. I’m going to be sick if they breeze their way all the way to the final 2 by getting others to do their dirty work. Bad Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. ( ) Trip’s family got a fence put in today. Now all we need is our neighbor behind us to put one up and we’re pretty much set. N and I went to N City today with a friend from church. She wanted company on her ride down and asked if we wanted to go. It got us out of the house so I was more than happy to go along. N City is the oh so happening place that’s claim to fame is being the “home of the international holiday Arbor Day”. ( ) It did look like it might be fun to walk around the Arbor Farm and see all of the attractions there. Maybe that’ll be a day trip some Friday this fall. We might try to go to the zoo this Friday. ( Since school just started it’s too early for field trips and shouldn’t be to busy. Brad is more than anxiously awaiting Saturday. We will be going to the opening Husker game that afternoon. Hopefully we will make it home in time to see Arkansas suprise USC. (we’ll see) Nate should be getting his first offical Razorback gear in the mail tomorrow. I’ll definitely take a picture and post it. The clock on the computer says it’s now 9:30. Maybe if I get ready for bed really slowly, it’ll be close to 10. (really, really slowly) I’ve wasted enough of all of our time – good night.


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