. . . wanna talk about me, wanna talk about I . . .


I’m sure you are wondering in that brain atop your shoulders, “what’s new with those Ks?” Have no fear, I am here to quench your thirst for knowledge. (Okay, guys I’m tired and am trying to keep my mind moving so that I don’t fall asleep before 9.)

Tomorrow is a huge day for B and the Student Edge staff at KOK. It’s the kick-off of the new teen gathering (service) on Wednesday nights (called The Upper Room). In fact B is practicing his sermon as I am typing this. What will be really exciting is when we get to hold it in the new teen area that’s under construction!

N is always up to something new. Last week he discovered how to razz. Now he can make a big slobbery, spitty mess when he’s not spitting up his formula. He also began baby foods. He’d been doing cereal for a month, but it was time to move onto the real deal. First up was squash (for some reason it’s one of most babies favorites). First try, he loved it, then after a few more bites he hated it. He got to the point he wouldn’t open his mouth. The next day and after that, he was back to loving it. Today we moved on to bananas – loved ’em. He also got his first sippy cup experience with water in it tonight. He’s not too sure about the cup or what was in it.

As for me, not much is happening. I went to Ladies Bible Study this morning. It’s great because I can drop N off at the nursery and feel free for couple of hours. Other than that my great accomplishment for the day was using Microsoft Publisher (best program ever!) to make tags for N’s diaper bag. (It was going to cost me at least $10 to order something similar on the internet.)

uuurrrrgggghhhh! Blogger makes me so mad sometimes. I’ve attempted to upload the same pictures at least 8 times now, and it’s not working! I guess I’ll publish this and try the pictures later. Also, anyone who is familiar with Blogger know if you can upload video clips? I have a couple of N that I would love to share. I just don’t know how.



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