Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin


Welcome to the Vala’s Pumpkin Patch!
Today was pumpkin patch day for the Ks. B, N, and I bundled up this afternoon and headed out to Vala’s. It was really impressive since I had only been to the Little Rock one before. With tons of activities and things to do other than pick a pumpkin, it was like a fall amusement park. (No wonder it was so expensive to get in.) N was too small to do any of the activities, but just wait for next year.One thing that was just right for N was the bunnies. The fence around the bunny yard was just the right size for N to be able to take a peek at the bunnies. (There were two bunnies cuddled up on the front porch of the bunny house.) B had some fun with some of the face cut out boards! Leave to him to get caught like this: By the time we went on the hayride and got to the pumpkin patch, N was pretty sleepy. We took about 30 pictures. He only smiled for one of them. Usually he’s all smiles for the camera, but it was like pulling teeth to even get him too look at it today.
We picked out a N size pumpkin for him to bring home. He didn’t really show too much interest in it. He probably would have rather brought home the weed by his left hand that he was much more interested in.I think we would all three agree that we had a fun, family-centered afternoon. I’m sure that it will become a yearly tradition to go out there and have a good time together.


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