water and colds


It was another busy weekend out of town for us. This time it was a junior high retreat to an indoor water park in Kansas City. (www.greatwolflodge.com) We took a charter bus with 35 youth, 4 younger kids, and 6 adults. The 6 girls which were assign to check in with me were great. When told they need to meet me somewhere, they would ask if they could be there early! (and usually were) B had a great time on all of the water slides and such. He’s such a kid sometimes! 🙂 N even got to play with some of the fountains that shot out of the ground. We didn’t have any Little Swimmer diapers since he was too small this summer. He probably would have loved to sit in the water and just splash if he had had some.

We’re back home now and getting caught back up on things. It’s amazing how behind you can feel even after being gone for one night! I was able to get a lot done yesterday evening since N took a late nap.

N is pretty miserable right now. He has come down with quite a cold. We got up with him about 15 times throughout the night last night. Normally B and I would be very frustrated with him for getting us up some much, but it completely different when he’s sick. I started to cry as he screamed this morning while I was trying to clean his nose. He couldn’t understand that I was just trying to help. Poor guy.

Blogger isn’t cooperating for pictures right now; guess I’ll have to come back and add them later.


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