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I had been a while since N and I sat down for a good photo session. (Okay a couple of weeks at least!) Did you notice our gorgeous maple in our front yard? I love it!!!! N’s finally starting to feel better after fighting his cold off. We’ve had 2 nights of solid sleep which is always a good sign. While he was sick, he seemed to keep me pretty busy. I kept wanting to blog, but it just didn’t happen. Now that things are back to normal, hopefully my blogging will also go back to normal! N gets to go to Mother’s Day Out tomorrow, and I have big plans for my day! I hope to get a ton of errands run. I would love to be able to go and find B’s Christmas present (I’m already done shopping for N!). Well, I’d better get some bills paid before heading up to church for Upper Room tonight. (Say a prayer that B is finding the time this afternoon to prep his sermon!!!)


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  1. just wait matthew al! your days of drool-less-ness are numbered. you’re going to be playing with baby all one day and he’s going to cover your with drool!!! just wait!

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