Pigskins and Bibles


It was a good weekend for the K house in regards to football. How is that football seems to take center stage each time I blog about the weekend? What has happened to me in the time I’ve known B? (I must really love this guy!) Anyways we had a two-win-weekend (meaning both Arkansas and Nebraska won)! I just checked the polls and Arkansas is ranked 5, 6, and 7 in 3 different polls. Not to shabby! Nebraska also made it back in the top 25 in the 3 polls. Yea for them.

In other news, B and I had some youth over tonight for the first time. We were each assigned 8 youth to mentor for a small group. We ended up with 5 of my girls and 4 of B’s boys showing. I think that everyone had a good time. The boys of course gravitated directly towards the PS2, and you couldn’t get a word into the 15 conversations the girls were holding at the same time. It was a lot of fun for both of us to have them over. It should become a regular Sunday night affair if things go well. It’s a bit of a change for me to go from 2nd grade teacher mindset to high school mentor mindset. I’m sure things will get easier in time though.


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