Pearly Whites! (or White, for now)


It seems that N’s sudden interest in oral hygeine came none to soon. He was smiling at me after his nap, and I noticed a white spot on his lower gums. It seems that N is cutting his first tooth! (I check a couple days ago, and nothing was there.) Lucky for B and I, his mood doesn’t seem to be effected by the possible pain. I tried to get a picture of the white spot, but someone’s tongue kept getting in the way. Needless to say, it’s a very exciting and proud day for this Mom and Dad.
N was all dressed up and ready to cheer on his favorite teams on Saturday. I suppose we need to get him his own football.
All smiles this morning, but no luck spotting the tooth. I can’t wait to see what his smile will look like with the tooth!
Sit me up and surround me with toys, and I’m a happy guy for a long time! Every toy is best when it fits in my mouth!

A cute picture of Camryn Grace (my neice) that Mom and Dad took of her at the Old Mill in North Little Rock on Sunday. She’s adorable!


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