It feels like I’ve been on a blogger vacation. I guess I have in a way. It gets boring to type several times a week and have no one comment on anything. Other than Mom’s comment last week, it’s been 3 weeks! Anyways, less frequent blogging will hopefully lead to more comments. We’ll see.

N’s still working on his tooth. It sure is taking its time. No crawling yet; hopefully by Christmas. Other than that the only news is how he’s graciously blessed me with 3 dirty diapers before 9:30 this morning! How many can one child have in a day?

I am super excited about this week! Mom and Dad are coming for Thanksgiving! I think I’ve told everyone I know how excited I am to have them coming. If only they could come sooner and stay longer! We invited B’s parents, but they seem to want to do their own thing. Guess it’ll just be the 5 of us. What are your Thanksgiving plans?


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  1. Wow – 3 dirty diapers before 9:30am?!? And people wonder why I like to leave for work early…

    I guess we learned our lesson – no more spicy cajun for the little one until he’s at least 1.

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