Picture Walk


Below are some of our pictures from the trip. They are in no particular order.

– The few hours of sunshine were quickly fading with the incoming clouds.
– A view up the slope that was closest to our place.
– A stroller and snow do not make a good combo. N and I had fun watching the skiers.
– Brad just couldn’t help being a kid and playing with a huge icicle.
– The rest are a few of the nature pics I couldn’t help taking. It was too pretty to not take a ton of photos. (Too bad the blue skies didn’t stick around for all of them.)

Neither B or I went skiing. We did enjoy walking around the village we were staying in. Luckily no one had any major injuries. There were several sore kids, but they all did really well. I would go back at any time with any one who wants to go!


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