Major Milestone Marked


B, N, and I bundled up and loaded into the car last night for a routine trip to Wal-mart for diapers and baby food. (do they carry anything else anymore, I wouldn’t know) Little did we know that it would be a night to remember. We unsuspectingly walked towards the store after situating N in the cart. Just as assumed, there was a friendly, older gentleman (I never have occasion to use the word gentleman, but it seems to fit) ready to greet us with a “hello” and a smile. Then it happened. He did more than smile and say “hello”. He asked if the little guy would like a sticker. I stood in a shocked ponderment state. “He’s too little for a sticker,” I thought. On the other hand, this was a big deal! My little baby was offered his first (0f many I’m sure) Wal-mart smiley stickers! He wore it proudly. I can’t seem to find the page in his baby book to keep his first Wal-mart sticker though. I’m sure it was a mistake, surely they know what a big deal that is, right?!?!? When’s the last time you were offered a Wal-mart sticker?

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