Christmas is coming . . .


Less than a week to go until Christmas and the K house is full of excitement:

  • N’s still getting over the cold that started over a week ago.
  • We celebrated Christmas with the extended K family on Sunday. All three of us had fun and love the gifts we got!
  • My car rolled over the 100,000 mile mark Sunday. (Think she’ll last another 9 years?)
  • We’re all done with our Christmas shopping and have been for a few days! I’m still in the mood to wrap more gifts though.)
  • Today is laundry day and there’s tons of it! I should throw a laundry folding party; wanna come?
  • I’m waiting on a call from a nurse to tell me what to do now that N’s decided to start throwing up and leaving presents in his diapers which we won’t discuss. (You’d think he’d want to get completely over the cold before coming down with something else!)

With the laundry, sick child, and aging car, I just don’t know how to contain all of my excitement! How in the world can Christmas day’s excitement top today? (Oh yeah, and there’s bills to be paid!)


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  1. You sound like me! Hope Nate is well for Christmas, wouldn’t want him to be sick for his first Christmas. Cheer up, I know I am it’s the last day of school before Christmas break!

    Merry Christmas Knorrs!

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