fresh snow, fresh year


4:00 and N is just now taking his first nap of the day. He can be so dependable and routine, but he then decides to throw in a day like today. I guess what matter most now is that it’s a long one! (My fingers are crossed.)

We had our first winter storm today. It’s hard to tell just how much snow since it’s blowing around so much. At least a few inches. I’m really wishing we were back in St. Louis right now. They knew how to take care of winter weather. They would be out 36 hours or so before treating all the roads before anything ever happened. They would even do it if the chance of snow wasn’t too great. Here it’s horrible! It’s almost like being in Arkansas! I’m hoping it just because they didn’t expect this to really pan out and thought it would come as rain. The definitely have the capability to clear the road; they just weren’t working on it.

Thanks to the snow, I think we are just going to stay holed up in our cozy house. I started the fire place when we got home, and have been enjoying keeping warm. It’s too windy to take N out (plus, he needs his nap). B and Maggie are going to go play fetch with snowballs in a bit. I’m sure we’ll try to get N out before it all melts. Dave and Kay (B’s parents) gave N an inflatable little snow sled to pull him around in. It should be fun and make for some great pictures!



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  1. Andrea
    I’m having a hard time finding my calendar (last years) which has your phone number in it. So I’m searching for your number on the internet. Not much luck yet, but I’m loving the pics of Nate. Is he crawling yet? We’d love to have you over today for a playdate. Our house is a bit messy as we celebrated Christmas with my family yesterday. But, we’ll still have fun. I have to take Winston to the vet at 11:05, nothing else planned for today. Give us a call soon. Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Mrs. Knorr! This is Hannah Nixon from your old favorite second grade clss at Hope. I’m at school today with my mom because I don’t go back until tomorrow. I love your pictures of Nate, I wish you were still here so I could babysit.

    Happy New Year, Love Hannah N

  3. Thanks Hannah! We sure would love to be able to have you babysit Nate. I guess now it would be a bit of a drive though! How many days until spring break?!?

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