5, 4, 3, 2, . . . abort, abort


Student Edge Teen Center Grand Opening . . . cancelled. Snow. Lots of snow. (Not tons though.) Brad got a call at about 5:25 this morning from Pastor Mark saying that church was off. It was going to take the snow plows all day to clear the parking lots and you have to go up a decent hill to get to the lots in the first place. Oh well. Guess we didn’t need to be up there working our tails off until 10 pm Friday night and 8 pm last night. (And several other nights prior to those.) Actually, I’m glad we were there and got things done. This will give a little bit of extra time to do some of the finishing touches that weren’t going to get done. And now we finally have a family day. We have nothing to do all day except spend time together as a family. With as busy as things have been getting ready for the grand opening, we really need a day like this. N even stayed in his crib until 8:45! How nice of him to recognize our day to sleep in.


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  1. It’s “snow” beautiful. I am envious. We have had a weekend of cold yucky rain. Looks like I’ll be returning the snowboots I bought for Camryn for the second year in a row.

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