The Big Reveal


B and Kathy checking to see if all the youth waiting in the hallway really want to come in and see the new place for the first time.

Entrace way to the Haven (sr. high) and the Well (jr. high).

Office (behind the wall) and reception desk.

The Haven’s game area (2 pool tables, air hockey, and ping pong). I think they need a pinball machine!

The Haven’s snack bar area.


A couple of different seating areas in the Haven.

Another game area. This one is for xbox 360s and playstation 3s.

Counter top and stools for wireless internet use. (It amazing that most teen seem to have their own laptop!)

The Haven’s worship center and sound booth.

B during service last night.

The Temple. This is the prayer room which is off the back corner of the Haven.

The Well’s snack bar, tables, pool table, air hockey, and game system areas.

The stage area in the Well.

As you can see we are very blessed and very thankful. The youth seemed to love it! Service went really well last night and we had a good size crowd show up. Sorry for the pictures being so dark. The lights were dimmed for atmosphere which made the picture not as great. If you want to see something better, you can click a picture and it will open up to be bigger. Capacity on the sr. high side is 600 and 400 on the jr. high side, which gives you a picture of the size of the place. Maybe I’ll have some more pictures to share after the concert on Friday night. Come visit us; it’s even more impressive in person.


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  1. Having seen the “in progress”, it is nice to see pictures of the finished project. There is going to be a lot of awesome ministry that goes on in those two rooms!

  2. Wow how great! What a wonderful thing to do for the youth. I wish htis kind of thing could be more prevalent in St. Louis.

    What a blessing to be able to work and worship in such a wonderful environment!

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