Playtime returns!


N and I had the most wonderful afternoon together. This was a much needed change from the previous 2 days. I was just about ready to start the job search. I needed a job. Any job. Just get me out of this house! N was completely horrible to be home with the past couple of day, and something had to change. After 2 days of continual fussing, crying, screaming, and a generally unpleasable attitude, the sun came shining through the clouds! He was himself again. Well, almost. He was himself plus a new tooth. Now it all makes sense! He should have just told me, and I would have been a lot more understanding and patient. When’s he going to learn he can just tell me what’s wrong and it makes thing a lot easier? After his nap this afternoon, he woke up in the sunniest mood. I decided to get down on the floor (with camera in hand) and play with him for as long as he’d play. I’d missed my smiley guy way too much! I guess I got a little camera happy, and ended up with about 40 pictures in the 2 hour play session. It was wonderful! (I couldn’t get a good picture of the new tooth since it is just now breaking through the gums. I’ll post one as soon as it gets through more.)

N loves to play with his activity table. I took the legs off it for now so that he can reach it a little easier. I’m sure I’ll be putting them back on soon as he learns to pull up on things.
N’s LeapFrog piano is one of his favorite toys. He likes to press the same button over and over. It makes it sound like a cd that keeps skipping.
The good old classic stacking rings! He loves them! (thanks Brian, Jen, and Isaac) In this picture (I wish it was a video) he is actually attempting to put the red ring back on the stack. I was unbelievably shocked when he was successful! I didn’t think he would have that kind of coordination at 9 months!
Bang, bang, bang! Everytime N hits the top of his alligator it makes the cutest noises. This is one of his favorites, because he loves to open the lid, take the blocks out, and then put them back in. He’s cleaning up his own messes!!! Yay!What boy’s toy collection would be complete without a train? Nate has his, and he loves to make it sing. The monkey that hangs on the last car is his favorite!These are just a couple of adorable close up I had to share. He wasn’t nearly this cute the past couple of days. Glad things are back to normal!You’d think that all this toy chaos might get Maggie a bit more riled up. Nope. She couldn’t care less. After being up crying all last night, I’m not surprised she’s tired. I sure am! This is N attempting to crawl over my back. (I couldn’t see where I was aiming while taking this picture since I was lying on my stomach.) He’s tried to crawl over B and I before, but he’s always needed help to get all the way over. Not today! He did it with a very determined spirit. He then practiced more later so he won’t forget.
That’s all for now. It was just such a good afternoon. I couldn’t help but share it with everyone. Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much we enjoyed the playtime!

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