my sunshine on a cloudy day


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I took this video of N this morning. The tie-dye shirt was made for him by my small group girls. They each had one on last night at the super bowl party. (They also made one for me.) N has been so talkative lately. His most common sounds/words are: mamamamama, dadadadada, guh (usually directly at Maggie but not always), nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh (a bit too close to no for my liking but seems to be his favorite the past few days), dat, dit, and buh-buh-buh (sometimes paired with waving bye-bye). He also has figured out how to go from being on his belly to sitting up. He’s trying big-people food all the time now. In fact, I had to put him in his crib a lunch because he assumed he was getting some of my lunch. He starts to click his tongue every time he sees me eating to let me know he wants some. Cute, until he doesn’t get anything and the screaming starts. He’s learning things so fast! I’m constantly amazed. And his other front tooth is coming in! My baby’s growing up! (too fast)

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