Sunny with a high of 75


It seems as if the topic weather is coming up quite frequently in conversations I’ve had with several people lately. What’s the weather like there? Have you gotten any snow? Is it cold? Are you enjoying the weather? Let’s just sum up winter in Nebraska in two words: this sucks! (sorry Mom, there was no other word that worked) The snow from a couple off weeks ago still has not melted! I find myself getting excited if the temperature is a two-digit number. I don’t think the wind chill has been a two-digit number in weeks. Seriously, weeks! I had to laugh when looking at the forcast for LR today. KARK said it was going to be a very cold day today. A high of only 38. How tragically cold! I feel so bad for them. Wait! This is miserable! I hate it. Not Nebraska as a whole, but definitely hate the winter weather. I’m trying think positive with the passing of January. I try to tell myself that I am one month closer to spring. Can you picture it? Green grass, fresh green leaving coming out on the trees, gardens filling with flowers. Then someone has to remind me that winter here lasts much longer than what I like to think of winter as lasting (gotta love that AR winter). I have no choice but to put up with it, but I’m allowed to complain a little. Right???


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