B, N, and I seemed to have a really good weekend. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • B ran 10 miles Friday in preparation for running the half marathon (13ish miles) in LR in a few weeks! Run! Forest! Run!
  • N is starting to pull himself up on anything he finds somewhat stationary. (He’s learning that the dog isn’t so stationary the hard way.) He gets up on his knees, but he still has to figure out how to get all the way to his feet. This started Friday night, but is a continual thing now. While talking to my mom this evening, she says she’ll teach him how to get up to his feet in a couple weeks. (She was the one to teach him how to get out of a sitting position.)
  • Saturday B and I spent the entire day in pj’s and reading! (We did throw on some normal clothes for a few minutes so we wouldn’t have to shovel snow in pj’s at 2pm.) What a needed day of relaxing!
  • The snow has started to melt! I’ve been looking out the window every 10 minutes or so, to see how much more of it is gone! We actually hit above freezing temps! Today it was in the mid to upper 40s! We even got to go on a walk outside as a fam! Awww, how cute!
  • N also decided to reveal his is able to crawl on all 4. He just happens to prefer the army crawling. I’ve only seem him expose his new talent once before church this morning. Hopefully, I can get some video of all his new moves.

Happy day off to all you who get to enjoy tomorrow at home! Thank the presidents! Sorry to those of you who don’t! Blame the presidents!


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