Uh-oh! (or as N says, Uh-uh) Is that a tiger on his hat? Could it be that N has inherited a bit of Detroit deep within? (fyi for those needing background information: I was born and lived in Detroit for 5 years) Might he be a Detroit Tigers fan instead of a die-hard Kansas City Royals fan? This could create some competition and tension in the house! Hmmm, who’s better at winning: Royals or Tigers . . . .


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  1. I do believe the Tigers were in the World Series last year – I didn’t see the Royals there. Send me the tiger pic for your Grandpa’s book.
    Love AM

  2. Nate’s no fair weather fan – he’s a true Champion of the Royalty, just like his ol’ man. In fact, this year is going so well we won’t be talking about “next year” for another couple months. So take that! you Tiger fans.

    Nate has already decided he’s a Cubbie, as well. This is good. You see a day is coming when the Royals & Cubs will meet in the World Series. Only Nate & I would have predicted that. We’ll have thought we died and went to heaven.

    Plus, Nate’s hat is more of a Tigger hat than a Tiger hat, isn’t it? Poor guy. Getting labeled a Royals/Cubs betrayer…

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