Better than advertised


Today was absolutely perfect! It was warmer than they predicted and even set a record. We got up to 79 and had a good breeze. It was the ideal afternoon to spend some time outside. So, we did.

N did some swinging and sliding at the neighborhood park. His favorite part was watching the 14 month old girl play.
N also spent some time playing soccer in the front yard. He went nuts shouting and waving when another baby passed in a stroller.
Look at my cutie’s feet. He’s up on his tip-toes trying to see the little boy who lives behind us play baseball.
Momma gave into Nate at Wal-mart yesterday when she saw her baby boy’s eyes light up at this ball. He chased it all over the back porch.
Although we still aren’t sure what’s up with these bubbles yet (notice his eyes are closed in case they come his direction), we’ve figured out how to make them. Time to come inside for dinner! What a great outside day!

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  1. So cute. Sounds like Omaha is as warm as us (minus the 90% humidity- uugh. can’t breath. bad hair.). Hope Nate will open his eyes and enjoy the bubbles. Love you all.


  2. So cute, my favorite baby parts are feet. And he definitly has the cutest, chubbiest ones I have seen in a long time.

    Now that he is so interested in other kids, maybe it’s time to have another adorable Knorr baby?!?

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