Pretty Pics


I just want all of you to know how much I love it when you comment on the blog. I really appreciate those of you who do so regularly. If you all had blogs (I think all of you should), I would be sure to comment all the time. I especially appreciated the comment by Alison earlier in the week about my picture taking. I absolutely love to take pictures. I obviously love to take pictures of N (who wouldn’t), but I love to take pictures of nature-y things just as much. I figured I would go back and post a few of my favorites from the past couple of years. The last one is my all-time favorite nature picture I’ve ever taken. All three of these are from when we lived in Decatur. The top and bottom one are from Garman (sp?) Park. We used to spend almost every Saturday morning walking the trails. The one in the middle is from our front yard in Decatur. Red Dogwood trees are a million times prettier than white (in my opinion). I would love to get each of these blown up, framed, and hung in my house. I just don’t know where I would put them. My goal is to have most of the “artwork” on our walls be pictures I’ve taken.


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  1. Fantastic pics again, I aore the second one because it has one aspect in focus and the background a little fuzzy. It has such dimension. Good job! I would love to have one of your pics framed too.

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