Bottoms Up


B, N, and I ventured out to the local outlet mall here earlier in the week. There’s not really much to see at our outlet mall, but there are a few stores that can be fun to spend some time in. One such store is the kitchen gadgets store. As we were walking the aisles, we came across what were known as “beer bands”. Come on, how many times have you been hanging out with friends and forgotten which bottle/can is yours? (Come on Tori, how many times???) πŸ™‚ Not that we have too many big beer guzzling parties in our old parental age, but we couldn’t pass them up. The labels on them were pretty good and gave us a laugh. Hopefully we can get some people together and find a use for them in the near future. Otherwise, I might be forced to use them to keep bottles and sippy cups straight at playdates! πŸ™‚


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