From the frontlines of the battle


Here is just a glimpse of two of the biggest battles currently taking place in the K household. N loves the tv, N loves the VCR, N loves the DVD player. He loves anything with buttons. We keep a wall lined with toys in our bedroom, but somehow the electronics see a lot more playing time than anything else. I thought I would block him from getting to his favorite stuff. He’d never attempted to climb onto/into his block table before. He’d never even thought about trying, as far as I know. Yet, in less than 2 minutes time he was up and more happy than ever playing with the buttons. (I guess the show I had on at the time was appropriate: “Surviving Motherhood” on TLC.)
Oh yeah, and about the pantless-ness, diaper changing has become quite a battle of the wills. It includes quite an unbelievable amount of kicking, screaming, and rolling over. Sometimes, it’s a victory just to get the clean diaper on; forget the pants. (I guess that ups our battle numbers to three.)
The other battle has been going on for quite some time now. He loves to play in Maggie’s water. Unfortunately for Mags, this means her water dish spends a lot of time sitting up on the counter. It’s one of those things he already knows he’s not suppose to do because he always looks at B or I on his way over there. It doesn’t stop him though.
Other than that, it was a gorgeous day here. We went down to the park and played for a while. N had a good time watching a 2 year old run all over the place. I loved getting to have adult conversation during the daytime hours. Maybe we’ll have to spend more time there!

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  1. Everything that you described is bringing back memories of Camryn. She did all of that, but then those passed and she came up with new and exciting ways to keep her parents on their toes.


  2. I am back to being able to comment on your blog. I upgraded my blog to a google account. Not sure what it means but it’s cool.

    When Justin was little he ruined 2 VCR’s by putting stuff like money and candy into them, oh the joys of parenting. But what a cute little tooshy and chubby little legs that boy of yours has!

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