A place to rest my head


Since my baby boy is becoming more boy and less baby, I decided it was time for him to get his own pillow. He loves to play with the pillows on our bed and the pillows on the couch already. I picked up a travel pillow from Walmart and headed to Hancock Fabrics to pick out material for pillowcases. It was a pretty easy project, although I had to do some resewing since they were too big. They still look big in the pictures, but it truly is the pillows fault. When you only spend 3 dollars on a pillow, it’s not stuffed very
evenly, and the corners are completely empty. That all leads to a pillow that’s quite misshapened. Oh well, I’m proud of my little project. (Lindsay, how did you deal with the misshapenedness (what a word) on yours?)
Aren’t those monkeys adorable????


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  1. I tried to pull the stuffing into the corners the best I could. The more you use it, the more even it will become. Very cute fabric, by the way. I love the monkeys!

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