I don’t wanna grow up. . .


I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking of just how fast my little guy is growing up. Just this weekend he began to discover that he can stand on his own. He doesn’t seem to fully realize what that means, but I’m sure he’ll soon figure it out. Once he gets a bit more confident, those first steps should be soon to follow. I’m actually really hoping that he starts to walk this week. (or at least is taking his first steps)

He doesn’t like to fall asleep while I hold him anymore. I was craving holding my sleeping boy in the worst way last night. I finally decided I had to hold him even though he’d gone to bed about 2 hours before. I was able to get him out of his crib without waking him and held him for 15/20 minutes before I went to bed. It was the nicest and most peaceful thing. He’s such a busy guy that I don’t get to share many of his peaceful moments with him.


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  1. Sorry I didn’t get you called back. The new pictures are great. Told dad it looked like Nate was doing the wedding line dance with the elephant!

  2. What a sweet thing that you got Nate out of his crib to hold him. It’s like the book, “I’ll Love You Forever.” If you haven’t read it, it should bring you to tears. I miss holding Isaac, too. He’s getting too heavy to carry anymore these days.

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