The Natural State


I’ve been slacking on the blogging over the past week but not without good reason. N and I just got back from a week long trip to see my parents and siblings. Yeah, unfortunately B had to stay at home and work. There was a lady from church going down, and she didn’t want to make the drive alone. She loves N and asked if we wanted to keep her company. It was a perfect situation for me since she wanted to drive the whole way there and back.

We had a great visit with everyone. Matt, Lindsay, and Will flew in a few days after I arrived. It was great to finally meet Will. I spent some time at work with Mom, and also went out to lunch with my former youth leader. Dad worked from home quite a bit, and I loved having him around so much. Mom took a day off work which was great. I got to see several different friends and their children. It was perfect on Saturday when everyone was over and Mom and Dad’s for dinner!

N did fairly well with the traveling. That long in the car would make any child scream a little. He just doesn’t seem to like napping in the car as much now that his car seat faces forward. I miss the days when he would sleep as long as the car was in motion. That made for some easy trips! B still doesn’t think he need a dvd player for the car, but he might change his mind eventually. You can only watch N arch his back and throw a toy while screaming so many times.

I’m glad to be back at home now though. N was definitely ready to be home a couple of days before we actually headed home. He reached a point of only wanting myself or Grandma. We’re working to get back into our normal routine around here. He was thrilled to see all of his toys and familiar surroundings.

He’s still not walking. I was afraid he would start to walk while we were away from B for 8 days. He’s proven a couple of times that he can take a few steps, but he just would rather crawl. He gets mad if you try to make him walk without help. I know he’ll be walking in his own time, and I should enjoy him not walking. I’m just anxious for my kid to learn such a big thing.

Okay, that’s enough for tonight. I think I’d rather go to bed than post pictures now. I’ll try to get around to it in the next few days. If you really want to see pictures you can link to my parents site and find close to 300 there.


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