Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

I feel as if I really struggle to find time to blog lately. I have to remind myself several times that I need to post again before I get anywhere close to actually doing it. We’ve been enjoying our long weekend though. I’ve finished a book I’ve been reading for several weeks and started a new one. B and I shipped N off to his grandparent’s house for a night away from us. This was the first time that I have ever been away from my baby boy overnight. I missed him a ton, but it wasn’t quite as hard on me as I expected. He seemed to have a good time and even got to spend some time with Grandpa in the tractor. He couldn’t be away from Mom though without giving her at least a little bit to worry about. Sometime Saturday he started to run fever. (He never would have gotten out of the house if I’d known.) By yesterday afternoon when we got home with him it was 104.7!!! We took him into a Pediatric Express place at a local hospital. Turns out that he’s got a viral infection of the throat. Viral = mom and dad you’re just going to have to tough it out. We thought he was doing pretty well this morning, but woke up from his afternoon nap with another high fever. Ugh! If it’s not gone tomorrow we’ll go see the pediatrician. Hopefully that won’t be necessary though. Right now he’s quite adorably sleeping on the couch and can stay there as long as he’s quiet and comfortable. Keep the little guy in your prayers. As much as I love all the cuddle time, I want my boy to feel well.

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