will work for food


The above title is N’s new motto. It’s amazing what he can be inspired to do when food is involved. In the past few days he has learned how to sign that he wants “more”. Along with this comes something along the lines of “mawh”. He also has a sign for “all done” or “all gone”. I’m hoping to help him learn more signs in the coming weeks and months. Ginny loaned me her book on baby signs. It’s nice for him to be able to communicate before he’s able to say all the words to express his needs, wants, and feelings.

I also discovered another power of the cheerio today. I’m ready for my boy to walk. He can crawl faster than lightning already. It’d be nice if he wasn’t always getting his hands and knees so dirty. (Although I am aware that that does just come with having a boy.) I was able to get him to take about 40-50 unassisted steps over a 10 minutes period today by enticing him with cheerios. (Up to about 8 steps in a row without going down.) He hasn’t taken any since then without the cheerios, but at least it’s progress. At one point he looked down at his feet after taking several steps with an expression that read, “did those thing just do what I think they did?”

I’ll let you know about our progress with both the signs and steps. Cheer on the little guy!


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  1. this is one proud papa here. i got a text from andrea when i was in a meeting, and had to tell everyone – plenty of cheers for the little guy.

    keep making me smile, kid!

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