. . . with an ocean view . . .


B and I were blessed this evening with Patty wanting to babysit N so that we could have a date night. We absolutely love her for wanting to make sure we have time to spend together without our little guy. With my broken toe bothering me, we decided to go see a movie. It’s not an easy to make a decision on what to go see when we are in the middle of the summer movie boom. There were at least 5 or 6 that I really would have enjoyed seeing. We decided to narrow the field by which we could make it for a matinee of. (Gotta love the cheap seats. If only they had matinee snack bar prices too.) We decided to go Ocean’s 13 over Spidey 3 (sorry Aaron). Ocean’s 11 – great. Ocean’s 12 – not so impressed, actually bored by. Ocean’s 13 – wonderful!!! It was a lot more in line with what made the first one work so well. B and I were laughing on and off again throughout the entire movie. It is definitely a must see. (Dad, I’m talking to you.)


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