Good Morning!

It’s about 9:30 a.m., and N just woke up. Why does he never choose to sleep in on a morning that B and I would also be able to sleep in? It’s like he knows. Part of the reason he slept in could be the fact that he absolutely refused to take a nap yesterday afternoon. He screamed his head off in protest. (I was ready to scream also after listening to him scream for a while.) It also could be the fact that everyone around here thinks that the 4th of July is a several week long celebration. Every evening about the time that we try to put N to bed, the entire neighborhood and those all around decide it’s time to start setting off fireworks and they go until at least 11:00. We’re not talking about dinky little snaps and pops; we’re talking enormous sometimes rattling booms and bangs. I’m sick of it. It ends up waking N up several times. We finally put a fan in his room last night just to create some noise that would help muffle the fireworks. I don’t mind having to get him out of bed and rock him back to sleep, but I want him to be able to sleep restfully. Oh well, they have to run out of supplies sooner or later. (I’ve never been a big fan of fireworks.)


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  1. You’re right! People seem to love shooting off firecrackers. I remember the first weekend I had Isaac home from the hospital the rockets went on and on. This year, my grandparents moved to town and when Forsyth was having their celebration last night, the grandparents thought we were under attack. Yikes! Hope all is well!

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