Help Please!


Oh the joys of parenthood. Yesterday evening was one of those times that you just hope and wish as a parent would never occur. We had our small groups over for Bible study and were getting close to wrapping things up. N had been downstairs with B and the boys for most of the evening. He finally decided to come join me upstairs with the girls. He got really whiney and cuddly suddenly. The girls had just gotten done ooohhhing and aaawwwing over how sweetly he was cuddling up to me. I was also thinking how sweet and assuming he might just fall asleep on me. Then out of no where came breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner all over me. I was in complete shock as I sat there with grossness all over me (and him). Other than not being really interested in lunch or dinner, he had shown no signs of not feeling well. Luckily, the furnitured was spared thanks to me using myself to catch everything. He’s doing much better this morning. You wouldn’t even know he hadn’t felt well. I’m wanting him to take it slow today, but there no way to tell a one-year-old to slow down. If only there was a way to avoid moments like that as a parent.


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  1. Been there so many times, good thing you caught it all on you. Much easier to clean up yourself than the couch. Plus you never quite get the smell out of it. Hope he’s feeling better soon. Happy 4th of July!

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