Animal Crackers


Happy belated 4th of July. We’ve had quite the busy week, and I didn’t get around to posting on the 4th. We went a couple of different places and eventually ended up sitting on the driveway watching everyone else shoot of fireworks. N sure didn’t seem to impressed with all the fireworks. That might be very different next year.

We also have seen quite the number of wild animals in the past week. We saw a fox on Monday as we were driving to pick N up from Patty’s (our most lovable babysitter) house and then saw a deer on our way home. Thursday, we had two different bunnies run out in front of us, had a most unfortunate encounter with a black bird, slowed down for a wild turkey crossing the road, and watch a buck jump a fence. The next day we saw another turkey with several babies. I wonder if we’ll see a giraffe walking down the interstate next?!?!


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  1. It was so great to see you guys today. Nate is such a wonderful kid. I’m giving Andrea most of the credit on that one. Have a safe trip home and good luck with the Fantasy Baseball, Brad.

    Go Cubbies!

    Tim Spinner

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