Uncle Who??


B, N, and I had a great weekend. We decided we would head to Illinois for the annual family reunion for my mom’s side of the family. It seemed like a good idea since my parents and my sister, brother-in-law, and niece would be there also.

We drove to St. Louis last Friday and met up with the parents, sister, and my aunt’s family. After a tasty lunch on the Hill and a drive past our old house, we headed to the zoo. It was a ton of fun but a bit on the hot side. After several hours there, we decided we were to worn out for another meal on the Hill. (What can I say, my family LOVES Italian food!) We headed out of town and on to Decatur. We were able to stay in Decatur where B did his internship a few years ago. It’s only about 40 minutes from where the reunion is.

Saturday, we spent the bulk of the day in Decatur. We were able to run into our old pastor and did some shopping and eating in downtown. In the evening we headed to Nokomis for dinner at the fair and to watch the parade. It was as good as always to see family that is seldom seen. N didn’t seem too impressed with the parade, but Camryn loved everyone throwing candy at her.

Sunday we went to church in Decatur and saw a ton of people. We headed back to Nokomis for the official reunion as soon as church was done. It was a day of eating, playing, visiting, and picture taking. We spent the evening back in Decatur hanging out with some of B’s closest guy friends. I was exausted at the end of such a long and busy day (and weekend).

I was sad for the weekend to be over. I miss getting to be around my family more, but I’m also very lucky to see them as often as I do. Hopefully I’ll find a way to see them again before Christmas!

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